UK Woman’s gratifying experience with her Gynaecological treatment in India By Dr. Sabhyata Gupta

“Hello, I am Sarah Maddison from Leicester, England. I had my Robotic Hysterectomy surgery in India and I must say that my experience was very good. I am 49 years old and had been suffering from uterine fibroids for nearly a decade. I had been diagnosed with having uterine fibroids at the age of 40 and since then I had barely taken any medication for the treatment of my ailment.”

“I and the people in my family were not as educated on the subject as we’d thought we were since we took the matter very casually and thought that the problem be mended with time. We were so wrong when the day came when I had to be admitted to the hospital for severe pain in the abdominal region.”

UK Woman’s gratifying experience with her Gynaecological treatment in India.png

“An ultrasound of my abdominal region confirmed all the doctors’ suspicion that the problems I was having were originating from the ignored uterine fibroids and they were now active from their dormant state. The doctor gave me some medications to relieve the pain and advised that I would have to undergo hysterectomy since the size of the fibroid had grown to a larger mass.”

“The suggestion of the doctor to have my uterus removed came as a big shock to me and all the members of my family. If only we had acted sooner, I could’ve avoided such a dire situation. We didn’t have much. That was one of the reasons why we choose to ignore the problem. But now when the doctor said that surgery was the only resort, we didn’t have a choice, but we couldn’t afford to have the surgery in the UK since the prices of medical procedures are sky high.”

“We started to search for countries with good medical treatments with lower price ranges. All the countries that we had checked had good medical facilities but were expensive, some even more so than our own. After a little more searching, we had reached a dead end and didn’t know what to do anymore.”

UK Woman’s gratifying experience with her Gynaecological treatment in India By Dr. Sabhyata Gupta

“A friend of mine suggested that I should check out indialaparoscopysurgerysite, a medical tourism company from India. Her cousin had undergone a major surgery via the company a while and were very pleased with the results. I thought of giving it a try and emailed them. They responded sooner than I’d expected and were very supportive.”

“From the get-go they were helpful and gave me as much information as possible. After we decided to go with them they even helped us with our visa process and flight booking and much more.”

“As soon as we reached India, we were taken directly to the hospital by the car that was provided by them. The specialist surgeon handling my case was A well renowned Dr. Sabhyata Gupta Oncologist and Robotic Gynaecologist in India. She has won several awards and recognitions and is well respected among the medical piers globally.”

“The doctor was very friendly and answered all of our questions with patience. She had me undergo some more tests such as MRI, Sonography, Hysteroscopy and routine tests for confirmation after which a date was fixed for my robotic hysterectomy surgery.”

“After the surgery was done, I was moved to an ICU were I was put under strict monitoring. All the doctors and the nurses were very supportive and soft spoken and help me through the whole process. If ever my friends or family require any medical assistance, I shall definitely recommend them to indialaparoscopysurgerysite.”

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