Laparoscopic Urology Surgery Gaining Momentum In Kerala With India Laproscopy Surgery Site


Kerala’s achievements in the health sector have been often cited as role models for the country. Some of its health indices match with that of the developed countries.  Acknowledged leaders in Hi-Tech Medical Management and Quality Health Care are the driving force for the medical field here. The state’s expertise and experience in the field of Endourology, Laparoscopy and Renal Transplantation have made the Urology department a strong milestone in healthcare and medical services of Kerala . Having done largest series of kidney transplants, Kerala is already the leading urology centre in South India.

Laparoscopic Urology Surgery Gaining Momentum In Kerala with India Laproscopy Surgery Site

The highlight of Urologic Surgery today is Laparoscopic Surgery, which involves Laparoscopic nephrectomy, Radical nephrectomy for cancer, Pyeloplasty for obstruction, Stone surgery and Bladder surgery. Another highly specialized surgery done is Renal Transplantation.

What is urology ?

Urology is a branch of medicine which deals with the study of urinary tract systems of male and female and reproductive organs of male. Kidneys, urethra, urinary bladder, adrenal glands and male reproductive organs like testis, penis, prostate, epididymis, vas deferens seminal vesicles etc are the main organs that come under the category of this study.


Urology hospitals in Kerala are specialized in dealing with issues related to male and female urinary tract system. Not just urinary tract in both sex, urology hospitals in Kerala are specialized in addressing problems related to the reproductive organ in men. Urologists in Kerala treat the diseases affecting kidneys, urethra, adrenal glands and bladder.

In Kerala, the best urology hospitals also offer surgical solutions. Urology hospitals are available in all over India but here you can find hospitals in Kerala. Urology Specialist in Kerala require knowledge of other specialities like gynaecology due to wide variety of problems they deal with.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Treatment in Kerala

Kerala is one of the good places for urinary tract infection (UTI) treatment. When it comes to urology treatment, men with infertility issues can also seek the help of the best urology clinics in Kerala.

To treat cancers in the bladder, there can be a separate department called urological oncology in the best urology hospitals in Kerala.

 Hospitals in Kerala will select the right treatment for a patient, depending on his age and condition.


More and more hospitals in Kerala are offering the best surgery packages that suit the budget of the international patients. The urology department of Kerala offers the most extensive services that too at an affordable cost.

The cost of the surgery depends upon the health, condition and ailment of the patient but is affordable than that offered by the developed western countries.


The consultant urologists and laparoscopic surgeons in Kerala use the most advanced technologies and techniques with the laparoscopy to achieve best results. The use of laparoscopy by the surgeons enabled less blood loss and reduced stay for the patients. The team of doctors and surgeons have immense knowledge and vast experience to perform the laparoscopic surgery which itself is a complex, advanced technique.

  • Dr. Datson  George P ,Urologist, Kochi, Kerala
  • Dr. George P Abraham ,Urologist, Ernakulam, Kerala
  • Dr. Syam K Ramesh ,Urologist ,Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  • Dr. Sandeep Prabhakar,  Urologist, Kochi, Kerala
  • Dr Kishore T A, Urologist,Kochi, Kerala


The hospitals for laparoscopic urology surgery in Kerala offer the best services and are renowned giving best experience in surgeries that are performed by the famous urologists in Kerala. Kerala has Laparoscopic Urology units which are known to be pioneers in the field of surgery.

  • Sunrise Hospital, Private hospital Kakkanad, Kerala
  • VPS Lakeshore Hospital Ernakulam, Kerala
  • GEM Hospital, Private hospital ,Thrissur, Kerala
  • Specialists’ Hospital, Kochi, Kerala

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