A UAE Patient Gets her Successful Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery in India


This Sadaf Binte Usman, from Dubai, UAE. I had been to India for my Gastric Bypass Surgery last month and finally recovering from it to get the best outcome. Thanks to the competitive doctors of Delhi and his team, which helped me get rid of my obesity and finally get back my old slim trim look. I was bogged down by my health issues due to obesity, which also hampered my confidence and self esteem making a big mess in my life. My doctor suggested me to lose the weight which will further help me in keeping my medical issues at bay. However, despite trying all the non-surgical options like diet, strict workout session and tablets, nothing really worked for me and I was left with no option but to take the resort on the final destination called gastric bypass surgery. Earlier I wanted to get it from my own country but with huge money involved in it, I started looking for some alternate.

A UAE Patient gets her successful Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery in India

Luckily my own doctor suggested me to have my surgery done in India, which can be carried out with great ease, comfort and professionalism along with much of the affordability element giving me the best of the outcome. I researched the option of having gastric bypass surgery in India and could only find positive reviews about the same, which finally made me tread the path of Indian hospital for my weight loss surgery. Now the big question that bugged me a lot, how on earth will I be able to carry out my gastric bypass surgery in India, well, the solution soon came in the form of a medical tourism company, which are group that can help the global patients carry out the surgery with great ease and professionalism as per the needs and requirement of the patient.

 My worries disappeared as I was able to find out a suitable solution back at in India with a medical tourism company helping me to get the surgery right with affordability and quality services. I got the recommendations from various people along with getting positive reviews about the same, which finally made me contact the same with my medical report and other requirements. The response was quick and I was soon contacted with an affordable healthcare package for my desired gastric bypass surgery in India seeking the help of the best surgeon and top hospital in India. I soon realised that I have reached at a right place hence without worrying much I gave my consent to expedite my surgery in India about my weight loss surgery. I then got the medical visa and soon left to India for the said surgery. As I reached Delhi Airport, I was happy to see the rep of the medical tourism company who was there to attend me.

With my initial talks, I realised that things were in perfect order and I do not have to worry about the arrangements which I will be getting without much hassle or issue. I was obviously nervous since it was my first visit to any alien country alone and this time for my weight loss surgery but as I met people at the hospital and other places, I settled down to see soon my surgery done for my weight loss called Gastric Bypass surgery. My surgery was a big success and I was out to the recovery room to get the medication and soon I got my discharge. I then left back with lauds and applauds for my doctor and my medical tourism company for their efforts in bring out the smile for me. I highly recommend gastric bypass surgery in India as it is affordable and with quality, which I will not be getting anywhere in the world.

I am thankful to doctor, nurses and team of India Laparoscopy Surgery for giving me a new life altogether. If anyone looking their treatment in abroad, India is best and affordable place for them. I am recommend to India Laparoscopy Surgery – A trusted medical planner in India, Go for more :- http://www.indialaparoscopysurgerysite.com/laparoscopic-metabolic/laparoscopic-gastric-bypass-surgery-in-india.php

Thank You

Sadaf Binte Usman,

Dubai, UAE.

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